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Newsflash! For a limited time you can recieve a sample of any of our solders for free. Yup, free gold. Or platinum. Time to give our brand a try. We make all our solders in house, plumb and repair. Always cadmium free.

CAD Model Casting Services Available In Platinum, Gold, Palladium or Silver

Gold Casting

We have always kept a casting shop running in our refinery. It helps us improve the metals, provide good advice to you as a caster and lets us fill in a blank or two for you when needed. Whatever kind of casting you might need, you can lean on us for the toughest jobs. Or maybe you cast in gold but not palladium. We can help.

Expert/Consulting Services

Rely on our expertise when questions or issues arise. Technical consulting and expert testimony is available if needed.

The Kraftwerks Invitational Channel

PMWest -The Innovators

We are a team of long experienced professionals dedicated to making your job easier. Are you making or repairing jewelry? Perhaps you are an independent designer that welcomes a little technical and production assistance sometimes. In any case we are your people. Family owned, PMWest now experiences a 30+ year history. The history in which we pioneered recycling/ sustainability and focus on the jewelry business exclusively. No corporate/industrial distractions. Today's millennial customers are taking a fresh approach. So do we. Let me make a personal offer. Next time you have a question about a precious metal and how to best use it, fix it or just understand it give Daniel Ballard a call. Let us show before your first order with us how good we are. We will earn your business with your trust.

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If its precious metals work right at hand, it’s Precious Metals West you should call.

Watching Gold Refining

We do gold refining in house, in our own lab. This is where sentimental or "same molecule" gold recovery happens. In any case this is where scrap becomes pure again.

Wire & Sheet-In Gold And Platinum

Wire & Sheet-In Gold And Platinum. From 8ga. to 30ga. round. Rectangular sizes, square and sheet up to 4 inches wide.

Spot Markets Per Toz in US $

GoldUSD 1,187.90
SilverUSD 16.71
PlatinumUSD 1,137.70
PalladiumUSD 734.90
Mar 31 2015 22:59 EST

Casting Grains

New "Square Deal" Pricing
Spot +10%

Our casting and fabrication grains are all made to the highest standards. Gold, Platinum, Palladium. We have alloys blended for every kind of casting and bright colors like 18k rose gold. And now we offer gold or palladium or platinum casting grain paid by any major credit card at a reduced price for you. Other terms available, call for details.

Samples at No Cost To You! Laser Welding Wire in Precious Metals

Your first foot of wire is on us. Free. Gratis. Nada $. Made in 28ga. and 30 ga. These welding wires are made to match color and provide smooth strong results. We make them all in house with alloys specific to laser conditions. Contact us for a free sample of any of them.

Rolling 14k White Gold #NRH For Fabrication

How to roll out our 14k white #NRH